It is a big problem in teaching. No matter how many times you tell your students that the test is next month and that they need to be studying now, there will always be students that will try to cram the night before. This is seen time and time again across classes, subjects and year groups and for a teacher it can be infuriating. In “The Success Code”, Amanda DeWinter covers the problem of cramming. …

I started writing back in 2020 to try to look at different teaching methods through the eyes of a student. However I only managed two posts and lost focus on what I was trying to do. I thought that as there were countless Education Blogs no one would want to listen to me.

But I have decided to do a bit of a reset and to start writing . I want to change it up a bit and become more honest, more focused and hopefully write more frequently. The inspiration behind this came from a YouTube video from Ali Abdaal…

Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

In this current situation, I often find it difficult to control my emotions which leads to unproductive or low quality work. An example of this is that it has taken me two weeks to finish writing this post. Furthermore, I also often lose motivation. There is always something else to do.

Despite researching education and effective learning, I still find it difficult to do these things myself. …

“In a world that is ever more complex and rapidly changing… learning how to learn is the ultimate survival tool” (Bjork and Bjork, 2006)


A confession. On a couple of occasions, I have introduced my classes to metacognition without really knowing much about it. My information has mainly come from CPD sessions and the occasional twitter post. I now realise that this could have been very detrimental to my students. By not communicating the research effectively, I could unintentionally cause students to develop poor study habits which could lead to poor attainment. This was shown in a paper by…

The Topic

So I wanted to quickly introduce the topic that I am aiming to learn. Again, this is a way of putting myself in the student's shoes, being my own guinea pig for my teaching. The topic I will be studying is Chinese or more specifically Mandarin.

Firstly, I wanted something totally different. I wanted to be in a state of confusion that I sometimes feel I leave my students in. Especially when introducing Newton’s Laws or when explaining electromagnetic fields. I think Mandarin does the trick. Listening to the language or reading the characters, I am completely baffled…

Mr Re-wise

Physics teacher with a passion for teaching and learning.

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